Steven Mutter


Passionate about AR, VR, XR, technology, art and video games. Released my first app, V1RTUAL REALM VR for Google Cardboard, on the Play Store in 2015 (Delisted due to dropped Google support). I've been working independently in AR and VR ever since while maintaining my full-time job. In 2019, I started implementing 360° media, Leap Motion/Ultraleap, Microcomputers, QR Codes, AR and VR within the company I work for as I took on the role of Social Media Manager. I made my first 3D model sale on Sketchfab on January 23rd, 2022.

200+ Scans on Sketchfab. #1scanaday and #photogrammetry with 3D Live Scanner Pro and Polycam Web. Social Media Management/Marketing (2019). Building independently in Mozilla Hubs (2019). AR/VR/XR Content Creator (2015). He/Him.

Here is my Sketchfab profile, where I host my Photogrammetry captures, 3D models and animations. AR and VR compatible.

Here is my primary Mozilla Hubs Gallery. A Social 3D Space that showcases some of my work from over the years. Tap or click to visit on your mobile device, computer or VR headset (including Meta Quest and Google Cardboard). 

Tap the link below to meet my digital twin in Augmented Reality on your iPhone or Android device.

One of my first major 360° Video Projects, filmed in 2016. I also created 360° Videos of the museum at Fort Sumter and an accessibility video for guests with mobility challenges. These videos are used at trade shows by Fort Sumter Tours with branded Google Cardboard Viewers.

Here is my Mozilla Hubs-powered Museum Demo of the Liberty Square Visitor Education Center in Charleston, SC. This allows multiple users to explore my 3D Scan together, with each user represented by an avatar of their choice. Users can communicate via text, voice and expressive body language.

Additional Highlights

Here are a few of my Death Stranding fan works. My 3D poster was retweeted by Hideo Kojima himself!

Here is my winning Rez: Infinite fan contest entry.

Plask is a web-based motion capture studio powered by a simple web cam. Here are a few demos I created using Plask in conjunction with Mozilla Hubs and even Augmented Reality via WorldCast AR. Open the links to view and interact with my demos.

Leap Motion Unity Modules. Interaction Engine in AR on my hacked together 3dof Steam VR Headset (Galaxy Note 4, Daydream View, Leap Motion).

Here is my ARcade demo on Meta Quest Passthrough AR. This features my 3D Arcade Cabinet Model.

Here is my Mysterious Hallway Demo on Meta Quest Passthrough AR. This was inspired by P.T., featuring my simple hallway model.

Here is my unreleased Kingdom Hearts Robo Recall Mod. I made this back in 2017.

Mozilla Hubs Marketing Demo I created for SpiritLine Cruises. Open the link to learn about Charleston's Premier Dinner Cruise. Works on mobile devices, computers and in VR.