Mozilla Hubs

Here is my primary Mozilla Hubs Gallery. A Social 3D Space that showcases some of my work from over the years. Tap or click to visit on your mobile device, computer or VR headset (including Meta Quest and Google Cardboard). 

Here is my Mozilla Hubs-powered Museum Demo of the Liberty Square Visitor Education Center in Charleston, SC. This allows multiple users to explore my 3D Scan together, with each user represented by an avatar of their choice. Users can communicate via text, voice and expressive body language.

Plask is a web-based motion capture studio powered by a simple web cam. Here are a few demos I created using Plask in conjunction with Mozilla Hubs and even Augmented Reality via WorldCast AR. Open the links to view and interact with my demos.

Mozilla Hubs Marketing Demo I created for SpiritLine Cruises. Open the link to learn about Charleston's Premier Dinner Cruise. Works on mobile devices, computers and in VR.