Lightfield 3D Content

Speed up and wiggle effect to show *some* of the depth effect. Glasses-free 3D displays.

UltraLeap Hand Tracking + Looking Glass Portrait + Polycam Photogrammetry 

Volumetric Video Looking Glass Portrait 

Volumetric Video Collection on my Sketchfab profile (works on mobile, desktop, PC, VR, AR with Sketchfab app)

Custom Depth Maps displayed on 

Looking Glass Portrait 

Custom Depth Maps on my Sketchfab profile

View in 3D on Lume Pad via LeiaViewer 

My generative AI-assisted videos converted to 3D via

 Leia Inc Lume Pad

Star City Guardian on YouTube (copy link to Lume Pad app on compatible Lume Pad devices for 3D)